Do you have the right voice? Join us on an AI venture!

  • Futuri Media
  • Remote
  • Nov 20, 2023
Temporary Voice Over

Job Description

Do you have the right voice to join us on a thrilling venture related to the groundbreaking field of artificial intelligence research? We are spearheading a project aimed at developing virtual voice clones capable of mirroring human vocal attributes and speech mannerisms, and we are actively recruiting specific accents and unique voices. 

Given your passion, you are perfectly positioned to aid in the creation of a realistic and high-quality AI clone. If selected, your contribution will be used in approximately ten minutes of conversational audio, and will be utilized to enhance the authenticity of AI voices.

If you are interested (please read the requirements below first), and your voice matches the accents or characters we need, please submit a 3-5 minute demo of your voice.

The voices and accents we specifically need right now are: 

Accents needed:

  • Elderly man and woman

  • Pittsburgh (male and female)

  • New Jersey (male and female)

  • New York/Manhattan (male and female)  

  • Cuban Spanish (male and female)

  • Mexican Spanish (male and female)

  • Mississippi / New Orleans (male and female)

  • Texas (male and female)

  • Chicago (male and female)

  • Southern accent - African American female (from GA/AL)  

  • Boston accent (male and female)


  • Santa Claus

  • Dracula

If you are selected to participate, here are the details and next steps that will be required:

The project will offer $500 for a 60-minute audio file (minimum).

Please be assured that we operate strictly within the confines of ethical guidelines. If you're intrigued and open to this unique opportunity, here's what we seek:

  • Casual, conversational voice-over — avoid script reading as it hinders the AI's ability to sound "natural".

  • Supply 60-minute voice (minimum) "training" file.

  • Ensure your voice recording is clean and clear of background noise or other voices.

  • Strive for a natural, conversational tone rather than reading out loud.

  • Overstate accents for better system learning.

  • Incorporate natural inflection and emotion.

  • Use this Script 

  • If the script doesn’t get you to 60 minutes, please include additional conversational audio with expression (EX: passages from your favorite book)

Submission requirements:

We must receive a signed written and verbal agreement. 

This verbal agreement must be included in the audio file you submit.

"I am aware that recordings of my voice will be used by Futuri Media to train and create a synthetic version of my voice.”

Deliver a zip or tarball that contains a single audio file and a transcript file for anything that is not already in the script. 

The audio file must be in RIFF (.wav) PCM, 16-bit or 24-bit format at 8khz, 16khz, 22khz, 44khz or 48khz sampling rate. 

The transcript must be a .txt file.

We look forward to your potential involvement in this cutting-edge AI project!